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An immersive detective story

Set in New York’s Age of Jazz, Alternate Jake Hunter: DAEDALUS The Awakening of Golden Jazz will take players on an adventure around the Big Apple. The place is filled with mysteries and secrets just waiting to be solved. In this visual novel (VN), you will be seeing things from the main character’s perspective, making it appear as if you are actually inside the novel. The immersive gameplay is made even more engaging by its compelling plot, which effectively keeps players constantly intrigued and wanting to discover more. For a murder mystery game, being able to motivate your players to investigate further is already a win! 

What started it all

DAEDALUS begins with the introduction of its protagonist, a 10-year-old Saburo, and his grandfather who the child obviously adores. However, tragedy strikes and he loses his beloved grandpa. This then compels him to further investigate in order to learn what truly happened behind his grandpa’s death. This will be your very first mission and truly, as you uncover the truth little by little, everything will start to click into place and there is nothing more rewarding than finally solving your very first case. That’s right! The game does not end with just 1 case. In fact, it has 5 chapters for you to explore.

These 5 chapters manage to capture Saburo’s growth as a detective. One of the challenging things that mystery and detective games have a slight problem with is being able to properly lay out and develop their plot—either without giving away too many clues or without boring the life out of their players from the slow story build-up. Yet DAEDALUS is able to keep things interesting and engaging. Seeing Saburo become a successful detective leaves an accomplished feeling not only for him but for you, as well, since you are the one who uncovered the mysteries and puzzles. The game’s aesthetics is also a sight as it showcases New York in its Golden Jazz age. Speaking of which, expect a lot of jazz music in the background!


  • Compelling
  • Interesting storyline
  • Rewarding levels
  • Beautiful graphics


  • Only 5 chapters
  • No combat feature
  • Can be time-consuming

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